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Canada Wide Free Shipping on Orders $150+

Aquacel Ag Foam Non-Adhesive

SKU 420639-BOX
AQUACEL Ag Foam Dressing is the only silver foam dressing that offers the healing benefits of an AQUACEL Ag contact layer, the comfort of foam and the bacteria-killing power of ionic silver. AQUACEL Ag Foam Dressing has a soft absorbent foam pad, an AQUACEL contact layer a gentle silicone adhesive, and a waterproof/bacteria barrier. AQUACEL Foam Dressings are the only FOAM that has comfort, simplicity and the healing benefits of an AQUACEL contact layer Only AQUACEL Foam dressings offers comfort and simplicity, plus the healing benefits of an AQUACEL contact layer Water Proof/Bacteria Barrier provides Evaporation of excess moisture A waterproof barrier against viral/bacterial penetration Allows patient to shower and bath Soft Absorbent FOAM pad enhances patient comfort and absorbs excess fluid AQUACEL contact layer gels on contact with wound exudate to maintain a moist environment Locks in wound exudate, including harmful components Vertical wicking prevents lateral spread of fluid, reducing risk of maceration Micro-contours to the wound bed, minimizing dead space where bacteria can grow Gentle silicone adhesive designed to adhere to surrounding skin, not to the wound bed Skin-friendly adhesive supports simple application and removal Demonstrated low potential for dermal irritation or allergic contact sensitization AQUACEL Foam Dressing Shown to Protect Against Skin Breakdown Caused by Friction and Moisture
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