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Incrediwear Arm Sleeve


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Description & Features

Incrediwear's Arm Sleeve(s) are embedded with natural circulation enhancing elements embedded into the fabric fibers of the Arm Sleeve. These elements are activated by body heat, and work to increase blood flow by vibrating the cellular walls of the targeted area. This not only helps reduce pain, stiffness, swelling and inflammation, but also aids to resist muscle fatigue and accelerate recovery.

The Incrediwear Arm Sleeve is not compression based, nor is the Arm Sleeve filled with copper. By far, Incrediwear has seen more positive results to alleviating pain and muscle fatigue with these natural combination of circulation enhancing elements than most leading similar products.

Many people have noticed the difference in their pain right away when wearing the Incrediwear Arm Sleeve; however, Incrediwear has measured the average time is approximately 20 to 30 minutes to notice the difference. The Incrediwear Arm Sleeve is made up of a breathable material, and comes in one size, which fit most adults comfortably. The Incrediwear Arm Sleeve is recommended by medical professionals, professional athletes & trainers, and active people everywhere.