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Free Shipping on Canada orders $150+*

Kendall Curity Anti-Reflux Chamber Drainage Bag

SKU 6206

The Curity 6206 Drainage Bags are designed for effective urine collection. Each graduated collection bag holds up to 2000 mL of liquid, has an anti-reflux chamber, the Splashguard II drain spout, is sterile and latex free, and has CSR wrap.

The Kendall drainage bag will provide you with an easy, reliable urine collection system. It is sterile and latex free to ensure the purity of the contents and the safety of your patient, and is graduated for easy, hands-free urine output measuring. Each bag features Kendall's Anti-Reflux chamber to ensure that your patinet's urine will stay in the bag's bladder and not flow back up into the tubing, and it also features Kendall's Splashguard II drain spout for easy, mess-free bag emptying.

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