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Free Shipping on Canada orders $150+*

Med Spec DynaTrack Cool Flex Patella Stabilizer

SKU 117021

The Medspec DynaTrack Plus Patella Stabilizer with Hinges is one of the most popular knees supports specifically designed for patella femoral dysfunction with the added benefit of medial and lateral stabilization.

A great choice to aid in the treatment of patella-femoral dysfunction. The buttress is lined with SkinLoc & makes direct contact with the patella. Position it to apply either lateral or medial pressure on the patella,& straps easily adjust to give the desired amount of pressure. Wraparound anterior closure for ease of application & optimum fit. Popliteal opening. Medial & lateral plastic hinges. CoolFlex material offers more breathability, less compression, & is hypoallergenic.

Features & Benefits:

  • Internal buttress: can be positioned to apply either lateral or medial pressure on the patella
  • Large popliteal opening: permits high degree of flexion with no discomfort
  • Universal sizing: fits left or right knee
  • Easily adjusted to desired amount of pressure: the tension on the straps can be changed by adjusting the straps
  • CoolFlex material: offers more breathability
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards

Sizing Chart:

Circum. of knee at mid patella(Knee cap)

  • Small 12"-14"
  • Medium 14"-16"
  • Large 16"-18"
  • X-Large 18"-20"
  • XX-Large 20"-22"
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