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Free Shipping on Canada orders $150+*

OraSIL Wound Wash Irrigant

by VeraSIL
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OraSIL™ Wound Wash Irrigant 10ppm is the Worlds first comprehensive drug free, Wound Healing NanoSilver Wound Wash Irrigant specifically formulated to safely and effectively irrigate, disinfect and debride colonized tissues and biofilms in surgical sites, while reducing post-operative complications through superior wound healing and anti-inflammatory action.

OraSIL™ Wound Wash Irrigant 10ppm reduces pain, swelling, infection and delayed wound healing caused by Surgical Site Infections (“SSI’s)  before, during and after a diverse range of dental procedures



  • Disinfects by actively targeting pathogenic bacteria and yeast without harming probiotic bacteria.
  • Provides additional antimicrobial and wound healing support in conjunction with the OraSIL Wound Healing Hydrogel
  • Safe on all intr-oral tissues and effective at helping to eliminate granulation tissue components during wound healing
  • Helps improve clinical outcomes  and reduces post op. complications
  • Ideal for extractions, laser therapy, partial and full thickness flaps and grafts
  • Excellent for non surgical periodontal and denture therapies
  • Compatible with all surgical materials, hemostatics, adhesives and biologic materials
  • Non Staining. Contains natural ingredients.
  • No Contraindications. Safe to swallow.
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