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Free Shipping on Canada orders $150+*

Proactive Self Adhesive Pre-Gelled Round Electrodes

SKU 715-710

Self-adhesive, pre-gelled & reusable Electrodes for use with most TENS and muscle electro-stimulators



  • Proactive 2 inch round self-adhesive reusable electrodes can be used with most tens units and muscle stimulators
  • These white, pre-wired electrodes are pre-gelled and the conductive surface remains effective for up to 30 uses
  • The flexible cloth backing allows the electrode to easily conform to all body surfaces while the hypo-allergenic gel keeps skin soft
  • The ProActive 2 inch Round Self-Adhesive Electrodes are latex -free and are designed with an anchored pigtail which prevents wire pull-out and increases electrode life
  • Sold by set of 4 electrodes
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