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Safe n' Simple Skin Barrier No-Sting Skin Wipes Bx/100


Our No-Sting Skin Barrier Wipes are alcohol-free and do not hurt or sting when wiped on the skin. They work well on sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Our Skin Barrier Wipes come in a variety of sizes, both large and small, depending on the application need. They are easy to handle and protect the skin, providing a film barrier when adhering and adhesive accessory. It can improve the adherence of a pouch and extend the use. Very gentle, convenient, and scent-free.The applicator wand provides a no-sting, alcohol-free transparent protective coating to the area applied. Increases adhesion of tapes and wafers. Conveniently packaged applicator wands are gentle on the skin, sterile, and scent-free.


  • Alcohol-Free - Does Not Hurt when Wiped on Skin
  • Large Wipe - Easy to Handle
  • Protects the Skin
  • Helps Pouch Adherence
  • Several Packaging Options: Large Wipe, Sachet, Spray, Wand, and more

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