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Canada Wide Free Shipping on Orders $150+

Canada Wide Free Shipping on Orders $150+

TENA Protective Underwear Overnight

by Tena
SKU 72235


Incontinence can make it difficult to sleep undisturbed through the night. TENA Overnight Super absorbency protective underwear protects against heavy bladder leaks and surges day and night, keeping the wearer dry and confident. With our highest absorbency level in a non-bulky, natural-feeling underwear, TENA Overnight Super protects against leaks, odor, and wetness to keep skin dry and healthy. The pad is wider at the back for true “Lie-down” protection and worry-free nights.

  • NEW ConfioAir fully breathable technology
  • Worry-free nights!
  • Our highest absorbency protective underwear

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