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VeraSIL Protective Spray

by VeraSIL
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VeraSIL™ Protective Spray is the first NanoSilver based Disinfecting Agent specifically formulated to safely and effectively decontaminate and kill a wide range of pathogenic microorganisms commonly found on a Filtration Mask without harming the healthcare worker. The combination of the 10ppm NanoSilver and the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide is a highly synergistic formualtion that is deadly to pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA,VRE,CRE, Hepatitis B and T. smegmatis but, will not burn, itch or irritate the workers cheeks, eyes, nasal cavities peri-oral or mucosal tissues.

VeraSIL™ Protective Spray is a highly effective disinfectant capable of killing a broad range of microorganisms commonly found colonizing the Filtration Mask material. The use of the VeraSIL Protective Spray helps to provide an increased level of protetcion of for the healthcare worker above the physical filtration capabilities of the mask. Unlike other chemotoxic disinfectant solutions, the VeraSIL Protective Spray will not harm the healthcare workers cheeks, eyes, nasal cavities, peri-oral or mucosal tissues.

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