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When a wound occurs, it’s incredibly important to treat and care for it properly. When left untreated, wounds can develop into sources of infections that can cause troublesome medical problems. Part of the process of caring for wounds includes the kind of wound care Edmonton professionals highly recommend: wound care dressings. The style of dressing will depend on the location and severity of the wound.

Dress it up

Wound care dressings play an important role in providing a healing environment for your wound. Dressings are designed to be in constant contact with a wound. A bandage, on the other hand, is used to keep the dressing in place.

Dressings are great for:

  • Reducing the risk of infection
  • Absorbing blood to prevent further bleeding
  • Begin the healing process

Use the Right Dressing

Dressings are really effective if used correctly. To maximize your healing potential, be sure to use the right product for the job. The kinds of wound care Edmonton medical professionals recommend are determined by the nature of the injury. Some of the most common dressing types include:

  • Collagen – these dressings are used for stalled or chronic wounds, ulcers, bed sores, surgical wounds, second and third degree burns, transplat sites, and wounds that cover a large area of the skin.
  • Hydrogel – hydrogel dressings work best on drier wounds with little to no excess fluids, necrotic wounds, pressure ulcers, donor sites, painful wounds, and infected second and third degree burn wounds.
  • Hydrocolloid – these types of dressings are used on burns, light to moderately draining wounds, necrotic wounds, pressure and venous ulcers, and under compression wraps.
  • Alginate – alginate dressings work well on wounds with moderate to high amounts of drainage, venous ulcers, pressure ulcers in stage III or IV, and packing wounds.

Of course, these dressings can and should be used in conjunction with items like gauze, wraps, and tape.

Trust the Professionals

When searching for the types of wound care Edmonton medical professionals would recommend, contact our educated team of professionals. We pride ourselves on providing the best line of wound protection when dealing with wounds that require specific types of dressing.

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