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Canada Wide Free Shipping on Orders $150+


Your Mobility, Your Equality

Having access to the sort of mobility supplies Edmonton medical professionals recommend is essential to our customers. We know the challenges that a disability can present, and our wide variety of products can be useful in regaining the ability to move around and be independent once again.

In order to facilitate access to education, work, and social events, our customers require mobility devices. This also ensures they gain independence and improve their quality of life. Besides people with a medical condition or disability, elderly patients depend on these pieces of equipment as well.

We recognize these needs; and in doing so, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best mobility supplies Edmonton residents look for.

The Right Tool for the Job

Your mobility needs are unique and should be addressed that way. Whatever tool you require, whether it be a cane or a customized walker, we’re happy to assist you in achieving the type of mobility you require.

Some of our more popular mobility supplies include:
1. Transport chairs
2. An assortment of canes/crutches
3. Portable and durable walkers and accessories
4. Urban walking poles
5. Wheelchairs, scooters, and 2 & 4 wheeled walkers

Mobility Aids Give Great Assistance

Mobility aids make every day activities such as using the washroom or grabbing a few groceries easier and safer.

Walking canes come with the option of one pad or several, which increase the stability. The pads can also be outfitted with an ice pick to help create a safer environment when walking outside during the winter months.

Walkers came come with a wide variety of features and accessories. With a built-in seat, walkers can provide dual purpose. They can also be outfitted with a tray or basket to make it more convenient when carrying meals or personal items from one location to another.

We provide our customers with not only the basic mobility supplies Edmonton medical professional prescribe, but also accessories to their mobility aids. In doing this, we know our customers will benefit greatly from these items. By getting the right items and products for our customer, they can enjoy a rewarding lifestyle without having to compromise their comfort and safety.

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