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Edemawear Lite Stockinet Small For Tender Skin For Limb Circumference Up To 60 Cm (24"), Purple Stripe, Stockinet Pair - 1 Pair

SKU CD CAL060017

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Description & Features

EdemaWear tubular elastic compression device provides longitudinally focused compression. This encourages free lymphatic and venous return for the reduction of edema. EdemaWear is easy to apply and its comfortable open construction allows for air and moisture circulation for comfort.


  • It is washable, reusable and may be cut to fit
  • EdemaWear is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Cool, conformable and comfortable
  • May be used alone or in combination with bandages
  • A practical alternative to compression stockings and wraps
  • Non-irritating nylon and Lycra™ construction


Manufacturer Name Compression Dynamics
Manufacturer Number CAL060017
Length 22" (55cm)
Brand EdemaWear
Size Small
Usage For tender skin foot to knee or wrist to shoulder
Color Purple Stripe
Quantity 1 Pair